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New Clipart Added! Money Images!

Log in now to see the new business and money images I have added!

New Business Images At Splash Page Advertising!

New Business Images At Splash Page Advertising!

One of the nice things about Splash Page Advertising is that I offer some great clip art that you can add to your splashes. No need for you to have images – I have you covered!

It is easy to add images, you simply log in and you can upload one of your own, or choose from the many I have pre-loaded!

There are many ways you can edit your splash pages!

You can add a background, you can add a header, you can add HTML, opt-in forms to make instant lead capture pages!

PLUS… did you know when you upgrade at Splash Page Advertising you not only get to create up to 100 splash pages, and you can upload up to 100 of your own images (free members can make up to 2 pages and add 2 images), you get a FREE Pro Autoresponder account at Rapid Responder Proclick here for details!

Do you need help with Splash Page Advertising? Be sure to check out all the video tutorials – click here.

I would also like to take a minute to feature a members splash pages – this member reports that because of Splash Page Advertising, she is getting more sign ups! They are simple pages but they are effective!

Click here to look at one of the pages she is promoting!

And… as a thank you for reading my blog post – please use PROMOCODE: splashpage101 at my website Team Ez Wealth for 150 TEW Credits, 1 Solo, and 2 Banners!

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New Halloween Clip Art Added! Plus A Free Gift!

Update your splashes with some fun Halloween clip art!

One way to show your potential customers that you are active with your business is to keep up with holidays and seasons. This is a subtle but powerful way to get the attention of new customers!

People, whether they realize it or not, will respond to holiday promotions and your splash pages should reflect holidays and seasons.

So for Splash Page Advertising members I have added a nice selection of Halloween clipart! Log in, or join for free, and see all the fun and new colorful images!

Halloween Clip Art At Splash Page Advertising!


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New Clipart Added For Your Splashes!

Bright and colorful graphics will increase attention to your splash pages!

So at Splash Page Advertising I try to offer members for free some nice graphics and clip art.

Today I added some high resolution graph and arrow images!

Please log in now and check out your new graphics!

Lots of free images to spice up your splashes!

Or if you are not a member yet, please join for free by clicking here!

Also, these is a new free gift you can download by clicking here.

Get the ‘Building A Relationship With Your List’ ebook for free – click here!

Free Gift For You!

And… speaking of building a list – remember that when you upgrade at Splash Page Advertising, you get a FREE PRO Autoresponder account over at Rapid Responder PRO – click here for the details!

To your success my friends!

Terah Logan – Admin of Splash Page Advertising

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Get MEGA Viral Traffic To Your Splash Pages! (Free)

I am a firm believer in Viral Traffic Systems!

That is why, every chance I get, I take the time to join any quality viral traffic site AND take the time to set it up.

Because of my discipline regarding this practice in my online business, I always have traffic moving to my websites & splash pages whether I am sleeping, on vacation, or even not feeling well and cannot work.

Does your online business generate you traffic (and sales) no matter what you are doing?

If your answer is ‘no’, then you need to seriously consider taking the time to set up EVERY viral traffic system you can.

AND… today there is a new VIRAL TRAFFIC MACHINE launching called TRAFFIC-EDGE! Click here or the banner to join and get in on top!

REMEMBER, taking the bit of time it takes to set up viral traffic systems is worth it! Traffic-Edge is a massive viral traffic system that once you set up, and then take some time to promote, you can sit back and enjoy the passive (and passive does not mean a little), traffic that will help you earn online!

To your success!

P.S. Thank you for reading my emails and blog posts; please use promocode: traffic-edge for 2 free solos, 2 banners, 1 PTC at My Traffic Builder! (You must be a member so join and log in!) Traffic-Edge is listed at My Traffic Builder!

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Free Traffic Forever

You may have the best looking splash page created… but without traffic it is nothing!

There are some really attractive splash pages being created at Splash Page Advertising and my hope is that these pages are getting some traffic… because sadly if they are not they are pretty much useless.

Traffic does not have to be expensive. In fact some of the best traffic resources are free!

Search Engine Optimization (When you create a splash page make sure you are filling in your title,

Download This Ebook Free To Get MEGA Free Traffic!

description, and key words and not just leaving them blank!), Social Media, and Article Marketing are some of the best and free ways to get traffic not just one time; but continuously over a period of time.

Today I hope you will accept and enjoy my free gift to you for being a Splash Page Advertising member.

Download the ebook FREE TRAFFIC FOREVER and make sure to read and implement these techniques to generate a long line of traffic for your Splash Pages! Click here to download (or right click and choose ‘save as’).

Thanks for being members and using the site because just like Splash Pages with no traffic… Splash Page Advertising would be nothing without its great members like you!

Here is to your success!

-Terah Logan, Admin of

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6 Ways To Kill Your Business, Free Gifts, & 1 Promocode

Splash Page Advertisers are serious about their online business.

Splash Page Advertisers Are #1

How do I know this?

Because if they were not serious; they would not bother creating and marketing splash pages!

So in this blog post I’d like to give Splash Page members some links that will be helpful for business.

First off; I’d like to share this article I wrote at my main blog,  It is called 6 Ways To Kill Your Online Business.

Obviously you don’t want to kill your business; but you might be doing some things this article mentions that will kill your business…. be sure to read this and ensure you are not making any grave online business mistakes!

Second, I’d like to share with you my site – here you can download helpful business and self-improvement ebooks totally free. You don’t even have to give your email! Enjoy!

And finally, how about some free ads at a very ACTIVE Internet Marketing site? The click-thru ratios on your ads will impress you.  I am talking about my site Team Ez Wealth so please click here and use promocode: dontkillyourbiz for 2 solos, 2 banners, 2 traffic links, and 250 Team Ez Wealth credits. (Visit Team Ez Wealth to see how VALUABLE these credits are!)

Again, make sure you visit Team Ez Wealth – you will get impressive traffic on the ads you post!

Here is to your success!

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New Clip Art For Your Splashes! Plus Spotlight On Member Pages & Design Tips!

A picture speaks a thousand words! New clip art added!

New Clip Art Added!

Splash pages work! The point of a splash page is to make a fast and profound impression on your potential customer so that they act.  You only have about 5 seconds to do that on the Internet and so splash pages are ideal.

Keep your splashes simple and to the point. How do you do that? Use images!

And at Splash Page Advertising you get some colorful and effective images to use.

You can also upload your own images as well!

Today I uploaded some fun summer images, money images, and tablet images to help you create effective splashes! Log in now or join for free to check them out!

HOT TIP: Check out the tutorials by clicking here to see how you can really customize these pages with headers, backgrounds, opt-in forms, video and more!

I’d like to take a moment to highlight some members splashes that are using this system for maximum results!

This Splash Page Advertising member made their own custom header and background to create a page that pops! I also like how they put the banners neatly stacked, and all links open in new windows!

This members page is bright and colorful. To me the colors are well chosen to make an eye-catching page. It is simple and to the point; but probably stops the visitor just long enough to check out more!

Again another page that is simple and to the point.

HOT TIP: I’d also like to point out that these pages are not long pages, but rather they are ‘above the fold’ on the computer screen. Keep in mind that if your visitor has to scroll down to find the form or video presentation; more then likely they will not. Keep forms and important information close to the top!

This member put a clickable 468×60 banner in the header which is a brilliant idea! Also the colors are very well chosen and all important information is again, ‘above the fold’ on the computer screen.

Keep making those pages…. AND REMEMBER, every page you create has YOUR affiliate link embedded at the bottom of each of your pages for easy referrals. PLUS when your referrals upgrade you earn residual income!



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MEGA Commissions Paid To Date! Plus – Free Traffic For Your Splashes!

$707 in COMMISSIONS paid to date at Splash Page Advertising!

There are many benefits to being a Splash Page Advertising Member and earning RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS is one of the great perks!

To date Splash Page Advertising Members have been paid a total of $707 in commissions.

The more you use Splash Page Advertising; the more likely you can earn commissions!

How do you earn commissions?

Simply by using Splash Page Advertising and promoting the splash pages you create.

Each splash page you create has, automatically, your affiliate URL embedded at the bottom of your splash pages!

The more splash pages you create, the more you promote, the greater chance you have of earning a monthly commission when your referrals upgrade!

Splash Page Advertising is a passive income earner and you don’t have to do anything more but use the service!

And upgrading is an easy thing when upgraded members not only get to make MORE splash pages BUT they get a free PRO Autoresponder Account over at Rapid Responder Pro! Click here for more details about upgrading!

So log in now, create some great splash pages and send traffic to these pages… and not only do you get great promotion for your programs you are creating splashes for – you get a built in residual commission opportunity! Click here for tutorials so you can get the most out of your free splash page maker.

Speaking of traffic for your splashes… Have you see the free traffic builder called MY TRAFFIC BUILDER?

This is a free traffic membership website that boasts TWO Traffic Downline Builders in one!

At My Traffic Builder you can find many traffic programs to join and get MEGA free ads NOW!

Join My Traffic Builder by clicking here, and use promocode: splashpagetraffic for 500 ad credits, 3 solos, 3 banners, 3 traffic links!


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Why Do Splash Pages Work? How To Make Effective Splash Pages.

Splash Pages work because they make an instant and profound impression on the potential customer.

At least that is what they are suppose to do!

Tell Your Customer "What's In It For Them" To Encourage Sales!

Do your Splash Page POP?  Do you find them effective?

If you are not getting the results you want from your Splash Pages then consider this proven and trusted marketing concept….

Your Splash Pages should tell the potential customer right away WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM – ideally in the top heading portion of the splash page.

People are in a hurry to find out what is in it for them all the time; it is human nature. They don’t care that your product comes in various colors, is the best out there (because you say so), or was seen on TV (google, yahoo, aol).

What the consumer cares about is WHAT WILL YOUR PRODUCT DO FOR THEM. Specifically, how will your product make their lives better and more enriched?

Does your product save time, money, or effort?  Will your product make your customer happier, wealthier, skinnier?

If so then tell them… RIGHT AWAY! If you are focusing on the fact your website is ‘new’ and you are very excited about how your website/business/product makes you feel, then forget it they won’t care. BUT if you can tell them how your website/business/product will IMPROVE an aspect of their lives then you have a winner!

Keep this tip in mind when you are designing your splash pages and even writing your ad copy. If you are writing emails, ad, and headings that don’t tell the consumer what is in it for them then you are wasting your time and effort. Every single word that you use in your advertising efforts should speak to the consumer about what is in it for them… not a single subject otherwise!

I hope you will find this tip helpful and don’t forget to check out the tutorials so that you can make, along with compelling headings and copy, attractive pages – click here for Splash Page Tutorials.

AND… don’t forget, if you upgrade at Splash Page Advertising you get a FREE PRO Autoresponder Account over at Rapid Responder Pro.  It has been proven that your customer may not get the message “what is in it for them” right away so including an opt-in form on your splashes will increase your contact attempts, sales, and of course your list.

Click here for information about upgrading at Splash Page Advertising.

Thank you for reading my post… please visit my new site MY FREE GIFTS for some nice free downloads… no email or credit card required! Click Here!

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New Valentines Day Clipart Added

It’s always good business practice to be aware of holidays and special days and to get your business participating in these days!

Valentines day is not necessarily a holiday; but it is a special day and you can show your customers you are in the sweetheart mood by creating splash pages that reflect Valentines Day!

New Valentines Day Clipart @

Not only can you decorate your splash pages (and websites as well) with Valentines day art; but you can also give special promo’s and deals that play on this fun and romantic day.

No matter what business you are in; you can play around with this theme.

You don’t just have to be in the flower, candy, or jewelry business… anyone can have fun with love!

So log in now and go to your clipart section of and scroll down to the bottom of this page to see, and use, this new Valentines Day clipart for your pages!

Here’s to your SWEET success!

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